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Study on the Characteristics of Bubble and Liquid Slugs for Gas-Liquid Taylor Flow in a Rectangular Micro-channel
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 Title & Authors
Study on the Characteristics of Bubble and Liquid Slugs for Gas-Liquid Taylor Flow in a Rectangular Micro-channel
Lee, Jun Kyoung; Lee, Kwan Geun;
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The characteristics of gas-liquid Taylor (Slug) flow in a square micro-channel of were investigated experimentally in this paper. The test fluids were nitrogen and water. The liquid and gas superficial velocities were 0.01~3 m/s and 0.1~3 m/s, respectively. Bubble and liquid slug length, bubble velocity, and frequency were measured by analyzing optical images using a high speed camera. Bubble length decreased with higher liquid flow rate, which increased dramatically with higher gas flow rate. However, slug length did not vary with changes in inlet liquid conditions. Additionally, bubble velocities and frequencies increased with higher liquid and gas flow rates. It was found that measured bubble lengths were in good agreement with the empirical models in the existing literature, but slug lengths were not.
Micro-channel;Two-phase flow;Taylor flow;Bubble;Slug;
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설비공학회 분야의 최근 연구 동향 : 2015년 학회지 논문에 대한 종합적 고찰,이대영;김사량;김현정;김동선;박준석;임병찬;

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