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A Study on The Performance of Ventilation and Maintaining Thermal Environment for a Combined Type Diffuser
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 Title & Authors
A Study on The Performance of Ventilation and Maintaining Thermal Environment for a Combined Type Diffuser
Lim, Seok-Young; Chang, Hyun-Jae;
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Installing a ventilator for an apartment house composed of over 100 dwelling units was mandated in 2006 to improve indoor air quality. In the case of mechanical ventilators, the air change rate is kept stable, however 68% of dwellers do not operate their ventilator because of an increased electrical bill and noise. In the case of natural ventilators, the former problems are settled, but there are concerns about cold draught and an increase of heating/cooling cost. Authors are developing a heat recovery type natural ventilator which is a natural ventilator equipped with total heat recovery element, and it is expected that those problems of mechanical ventilator and natural ventilator are resolved by this. The combined type diffuser of this study is an under developed fit to the heat recovery type natural ventilator above. There are no standards to evaluate the performance for this type of diffuser. Due to this issue this study investigated the performance of the ventilation and maintained a thermal environment for the combined type diffuser by comparing it with existing diffusers. The results revealed that the performances of the combined type of diffusers showed different features from the existing ones, and was estimated to be high enough in the performances above.
Combined type diffuser of supply and exhaust;Heat recovery type natural ventilator;Effective draft temperature;ADPI;Age of air;
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