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Study on the Identification of CSFs for Employment in IT Industry
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 Title & Authors
Study on the Identification of CSFs for Employment in IT Industry
Sung, Tae Kyung;
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The purposes of this research are to empirically examine (1) the impact of application of IT in IT industry which is the main engine for creative economy, (2) the relationship between application of IT and corporate strategy, and (3) the influence of corporate strategy on application of IT and employment. To achieve the purpose of research, we conducted a survey on 187 CIOs in october 2013. Research findings confirm that application of IT provides competitive advantages such as efficiency, threat, functionality, attack, and integration and these traits of IT significantly contribute to employment. And research results show that the moderating effects of corporate strategy on the relationship between application of IT and employment are different depending upon the type of corporate strategy. Thus firms in IT industry should consider traits of IT more seriously when they establish corporate strategy.
Information Technology;Critical Success Factors;Employment;Creative Economy;
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