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Recursive Least Squares Run-to-Run Control with Time-Varying Metrology Delays
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 Title & Authors
Recursive Least Squares Run-to-Run Control with Time-Varying Metrology Delays
Fan, Shu-Kai; Chang, Yuan-Jung;
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This article investigates how to adaptively predict the time-varying metrology delay that could realistically occur in the semiconductor manufacturing practice. Metrology delays pose a great challenge for the existing run-to-run (R2R) controllers, driving the process output significantly away from target if not adequately predicted. First, the expected asymptotic double exponentially weighted moving average (DEWMA) control output, by using the EWMA and recursive least squares (RLS) prediction methods, is derived. It has been found that the relationships between the expected control output and target in both estimation methods are parallel, and six cases are addressed. Within the context of time-varying metrology delay, this paper presents a modified recursive least squares-linear trend (RLS-LT) controller, in combination with runs test. Simulated single input-single output (SISO) R2R processes subject to various time-varying metrology delay scenarios are used as a testbed to evaluate the proposed algorithms. The simulation results indicate that the modified RLS-LT controller can yield the process output more accurately on target with smaller mean squared error (MSE) than the original RLSLT controller that only deals with constant metrology delays.
Run-to-Run(R2R) Control;Time-Varying Metrology Delay;Recursive Least Squares(RLS);Exponentially Weighted Moving Average(EWMA) Control;
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