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Pre-Processing of Query Logs in Web Usage Mining
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 Title & Authors
Pre-Processing of Query Logs in Web Usage Mining
Abdullah, Norhaiza Ya; Husin, Husna Sarirah; Ramadhani, Herny; Nadarajan, Shanmuga Vivekanada;
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In For the past few years, query log data has been collected to find user's behavior in using the site. Many researches have studied on the usage of query logs to extract user's preference, recommend personalization, improve caching and pre-fetching of Web objects, build better adaptive user interfaces, and also to improve Web search for a search engine application. A query log contain data such as the client's IP address, time and date of request, the resources or page requested, status of request HTTP method used and the type of browser and operating system. A query log can offer valuable insight into web site usage. A proper compilation and interpretation of query log can provide a baseline of statistics that indicate the usage levels of website and can be used as tool to assist decision making in management activities. In this paper we want to discuss on the tasks performed of query logs in pre-processing of web usage mining. We will use query logs from an online newspaper company. The query logs will undergo pre-processing stage, in which the clickstream data is cleaned and partitioned into a set of user interactions which will represent the activities of each user during their visits to the site. The query logs will undergo essential task in pre-processing which are data cleaning and user identification.
Pre-Processing;Web Log;Web Usage Mining;
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