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An Interactive Planning and Scheduling Framework for Optimising Pits-to-Crushers Operations
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 Title & Authors
An Interactive Planning and Scheduling Framework for Optimising Pits-to-Crushers Operations
Liu, Shi Qiang; Kozan, Erhan;
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In this paper, an interactive planning and scheduling framework are proposed for optimising operations from pits to crushers in ore mining industry. Series of theoretical and practical operations research techniques are investigated to improve the overall efficiency of mining systems due to the facts that mining managers need to tackle optimisation problems within different horizons and with different levels of detail. Under this framework, mine design planning, mine production sequencing and mine transportation scheduling models are integrated and interacted within a whole optimisation system. The proposed integrated framework could be used by mining industry for reducing equipment costs, improving the production efficiency and maximising the net present value.
Open Pit;Mine Design Planning;Mine Production Sequencing;Mine Transportation Scheduling;Pits to Crushers;
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