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Tightened-Normal-Tightened Group Acceptance Sampling Plan for Assuring Percentile Life
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 Title & Authors
Tightened-Normal-Tightened Group Acceptance Sampling Plan for Assuring Percentile Life
Aslam, Muhammad; Azam, Muhammad; Jun, Chi-Hyuck;
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The present paper extends the idea of tightened-normal-tightened sampling scheme to group acceptance sampling plans under the time truncated life tests. We consider three famous distributions that are widely used in the area of reliability such as the generalized exponential distribution, the Weibull distribution, and the Birnbaum-Saunders distribution in the proposed sampling plan. The plan parameters are determined such that the producer's risk and the consumer's risk are satisfied at the specified median life. Extensive tables showing plan parameters are provided at various values of the experiment time and the consumer's risk for each of three distributions for the practical use. Some examples are given to illustrate the procedure of the proposed plan.
Tightened Inspection;Normal Inspection;Group Acceptance Sampling Plan;Life Test;Producer and Consumer Risks;
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