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New Attributes and Variables Control Charts under Repetitive Sampling
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 Title & Authors
New Attributes and Variables Control Charts under Repetitive Sampling
Aslam, Muhammad; Azam, Muhammad; Jun, Chi-Hyuck;
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New control charts under repetitive sampling are proposed, which can be used for variables and attributes quality characteristics. The proposed control charts have inner and outer control limits so that repetitive sampling may be needed if the plotted statistic falls between the two limits. Particularly, the new np and variable X-bar control charts under repetitive sampling are considered in detail. The in-control and out-of-control average run lengths are analyzed according to various process shifts. The performance of the proposed control charts is compared with the existing np and the X-bar control charts in terms of the average run lengths.
Attribute Control Chart;Repetitive Sampling;Average Run Length;np Control Chart;
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