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Vocational Competency Constituents Affecting the Professionalism of Dental Hygienists
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Vocational Competency Constituents Affecting the Professionalism of Dental Hygienists
Yang, Seung-Kyeong;
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The purpose of this study was to examine the constituents of vocational competency affecting the professionalism of dental hygienists. The subjects in this study were 230 dental hygienists who worked in university hospitals, dental hospitals, dental clinics and public dental clinics. A survey was conducted from December, 2013, to February, 2014. To assess their vocational competency and professionalism by general characteristics, one-way ANOVA and t-test were utilized, and the level of significance was set at p<0.05. To determine what elements of vocational competency affected their professionalism, multiple regression analysis was made, and standardized regression coefficients were calculated to represent the influence of the elements. As a result, it`s found that the professionalism of the dental hygienists were under the influence of their self-development skills, organizational understanding and mathematical ability. To foster self-development skills, discussion method should be utilized, and team teaching should be used to improve organizational understanding. Besides, internship and on-the-job training should be managed in a more systematic way.
dental hygienist;professionalism;vocational basic skills element;
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NCS 직업기초능력 기반 응급구조(학)과 교양 교과목 편성 연구,홍성기;고봉연;김수태;

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