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Comparison of the fit of the coping pattern constructed by manual and CAD/CAM, depending on the margin of the abutment tooth
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of the fit of the coping pattern constructed by manual and CAD/CAM, depending on the margin of the abutment tooth
Han, Min-soo; Kwon, Eun-Ja; Chio, Esther; Kim, Si-chul;
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The purpose of this study is to compare the marginal and internal fit of metal and zirconia coping which is fabricated by manual and CAD/CAM(Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing). The model is prepared with Urethane material and two abutment teeth are fabricated with a knife and chamfer margin. Silicon replica technique is used to measure the marginal fit of manually fabricated and the CAD/CAM coping. Internal fitting level is measured with a microscope and the image is captured with a CCD camera. The distance between abutment teeth and coping is measured with a callibrated image analyzer software; marginal opening (MO), marginal gap (MG), internal gap (IG) at maximum curvature area, axial gap (AG), and occlusal gap (OG). Two-way ANOVA test is applied to compare fabrication technique and to analysis of abutment pattern. In addition, one-way ANOVA and Scheffe`s test is used to analyze each parameter of the test. The result shows that the fit is < except OG of CAD/CAM and MO of knife margin. The CAD/CAM fabricated coping showed higher fit level at chamfer margin. However, knife margin showed better fitness compared to chamfer margin at MG. AG showed the minimum dimension with a constant result (< ).
marginal gap;internal gap;CAD/CAM;
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