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Influential Factors for the Sexual Quality of Life in Married Men and Women in Their 40s
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 Title & Authors
Influential Factors for the Sexual Quality of Life in Married Men and Women in Their 40s
Yang, Eun-Young; Jang, Young-Eun;
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The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of 22 selected variables for the sexual quality of life(SQOL) of married men and women in their 40s in an effort to lay the foundation for the development of intervention programs geared toward promoting the sexual health of married middle-aged men and women. The selected variables were eight demographic ones, eight sex-related ones and sex marital relationship ones. The subjects in this study were the visitors of four different health examination centers in Seoul. Two of the health examination centers were located in the region of Gangnam, and the others were located in the area of Gangbuk. After a survey was conducted from January 19 to March 5, 2015, the answer sheets from 187 respondents who were aged between 40 and 49 were analyzed. As a result, academic credential(p<.05), health status(p<.001), duration of marriage(p<.01) and monthly mean income(p<.01) were identified significant demographic variables to affect the sexual quality of life. Among the sex-related variables, the level of sex knowledge(p<.01) and exposure to pornography exercised(p<.001) and the husband`s participation in delivery(p<.001) had a significant influence the sexual quality of life. All the variables of marital relationship that were marital dilemma(p<.05), the frequency of sexual relations(p<.001), love toward the spouse(p<.001), overall family harmony(p<.001), nonsexual communication(p<.001) and sexual communication(p<.001) had a significant impact on the improvement of the sexual quality of life. In conclusion, the variables of marital relationship were found to have been more important factors to affect the improvement of the sexual quality of life than the demographic and sex-related ones.
Sex;Marital relationship;Spouses;Men;Women;Health status;
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