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Effects of brown rice-vegetable school meal program on subjective health status, BMI and hematological parameters among high school students
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 Title & Authors
Effects of brown rice-vegetable school meal program on subjective health status, BMI and hematological parameters among high school students
Moon, Kyoung-Ja; Kim, Hye-Young;
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This study aimed to identify the effect of brown rice-vegetable school meals program on the subjective health status, BMI and hematological parameters of high school students. This is a single group pre-post study design that includes 17 high school boys and 18 high school girls. Students were catered for lunch and dinner with brown rice and a vegetarian diet for 12 weeks at the school. The collected data on subjective health status, BMI levels and hematological parameters were measured in pre and post, and changes were compared by paired t-test. Subjective health status of the participants has improved and BMI was reduced. Blood Hct, Hb, Hct, total protein and albumin have also been reduced. Ca and triglyceride levels decreased in females. However, all levels were reduced within the normal range. These results show that brown rice-vegetable intake of high school students reduces weight and helps them prevent from acquiring cardiovascular diseases in adulthood through the reduction of serum triglyceride and in practicing healthy eating habits.
BMI;Brown rice;Health status;Hematological parameter;Vegetable;
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위계적 선형, 비선형 모형을 적용한 청소년기 주관적 건강평가 변화에 대한 체육시간활동에 종단적 영향 분석,김세형;

Journal of the Korean Data and Information Science Society, 2016. vol.27. 4, pp.1013-1025 crossref(new window)
노인의 건강증진태도와 생리적 지수에 대한 클린다이어트 프로그램의 중재효과,신소홍;김현실;

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