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Factors Influencing Subjective Happiness among Korean Adolescent: Analysis of 2014 Korean Youth Risk Behavior Survey
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 Title & Authors
Factors Influencing Subjective Happiness among Korean Adolescent: Analysis of 2014 Korean Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Kim, Han-Na; Kim, Jeong-Seon; Roh, Seung-Hyun;
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The purpose of this study was to explore the determinants of subjective happiness among Korean adolescents and to supply basic data for enhancing to subjective happiness among Korean adolescents. This study used the 2014 Korean Youth Health Risk Behavior On-lin Survey data. It conducted a secondary data analysis of 72,060 cases. It conducted frequency analysis, t-test, ANOVA and multiple regression analysis by SPSS 18.0. Although various independent variables influenced on emotional support(t
Korean Adolescent;Subjective Happiness;
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청소년의 주관적 행복감 구조모형 : 스트레스 인지와 의도적 활동중심으로,위옥연;이지현;

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