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Semantic Similarity Measures Between Words within a Document using WordNet
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 Title & Authors
Semantic Similarity Measures Between Words within a Document using WordNet
Kang, SeokHoon; Park, JongMin;
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Semantic similarity between words can be applied in many fields including computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, and information retrieval. In this paper, we present weighted method for measuring a semantic similarity between words in a document. This method uses edge distance and depth of WordNet. The method calculates a semantic similarity between words on the basis of document information. Document information uses word term frequencies(TF) and word concept frequencies(CF). Each word weight value is calculated by TF and CF in the document. The method includes the edge distance between words, the depth of subsumer, and the word weight in the document. We compared out scheme with the other method by experiments. As the result, the proposed method outperforms other similarity measures. In the document, the word weight value is calculated by the proposed method. Other methods which based simple shortest distance or depth had difficult to represent the information or merge informations. This paper considered shortest distance, depth and information of words in the document, and also improved the performance.
Corpus statistics;Information content;Lexical database;Semantic similarity;WordNet;
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