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Process Optimization of Ginseng Berry Extract Using Mixed Solvent and its Ginsenoside Analysis
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 Title & Authors
Process Optimization of Ginseng Berry Extract Using Mixed Solvent and its Ginsenoside Analysis
Ha, Yoo-jin; Kim, Mee-Ree; Yoo, Sun-Kyun;
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Ginsenosides in ginseng berry has been known as functional materials showing physiological effect to the human. Specially, ginseng berry contains plenty of ginsenoside Re, but the study of extraction processes were not enough performed. Accordingly, the purpose of this study was to establish the optimized extraction process for obtaining ginsenoside Re from ginseng berry. The extraction process of ginsenosides was performed in 250 mL extraction flask containing 150 solvent and 10 g of dried ginseng berry. The extracted ginsenoside Re, Rg1 and Rd and total crude ginsenosides from ginseng berry were evaluated by TLC according to the treated conditions (the ratio of alcohol to water, extraction temperature, extraction period, and extraction times). Optimized conditions for extraction was 70% to 30% of the ratio of alcohol to water, of extraction temperature, 4 h of extraction period, and 2 times of extraction frequency. The amount of total crude ginsenosides of the extract obtained from the optimized process was 88.6 mg/g based on dried ginseng berry. The composition of ginsenosides from the extracted was 5.5% of Rb1, 5.2% of Rc, 14.3% of Rd, 51.5% of Re, 8.1% of Rf, and 15.7% of Rg1. A protopanaxtriol ginsenosides of whole ginsenosides extracted was about 80%.
Ginseng berry;Ginsenoside Re;Optimization;Solvent extraction;Thin layer chromatography;
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