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Evaluation of Sustained-release Dosage Form with Novel Metformin Salts
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Evaluation of Sustained-release Dosage Form with Novel Metformin Salts
Kim, Dong-Wook;
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In this study, metformin hydrochloride for first choice of type 2 diabetes patient is administered relatively high dose, 1000 to 2000 mg orally once a day, and had very high water solubility, so it make difficult to swallow tablet to requires high amount of sustained release agent. To overcome these challenges, we used novel metformin salts had relatively low water solubility to minimize sustaining excipient for small size of dosage form. six novel metformin salts were synthesized by making metformin free form under reaction with NaOH and adding acid salts. we confirmed metformin stearate had the lowest water solubility and showed half drug release in dissolution study at 12hour. In conclusion, novel metformin salts had low water solubility can be used to reduce the size of sustained metformin tablet for improving patient compliance.
Metformin;Salt;Solubility;Sustained release;
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