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In-Plane Inextensional and Extensional Vibration Analysis of Curved Beams Using DQM
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In-Plane Inextensional and Extensional Vibration Analysis of Curved Beams Using DQM
Kang, Ki-jun;
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One of the efficient procedures for the solution of partial differential equations is the method of differential quadrature. This method has been applied to a large number of cases to circumvent the difficulties of the complex algorithms of programming for the computer, as well as excessive use of storage due to conditions of complex geometry and loading. In-plane vibrations of curved beams with inextensibility and extensibility of the arch axis are analyzed by the differential quadrature method (DQM). Fundamental frequencies are calculated for the member with various end conditions and opening angles. The results are compared with exact experimental and numerical results by other methods for cases in which they are available. The DQM gives good accuracy even when only a limited number of grid points is used, and new results according to diverse variation are also suggested.
DQM;Exact Experimental;Extensional Vibration;Inextensional Vibration;In-Plane;New Result;Numerical Solution;
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미분구적법(DQM)을 이용 회전관성 및 전단변형을 포함한 곡선 보의 신장 진동해석,강기준;박차식;

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