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The Relations of the Life Style and Housing Selection Attributes of the Middle-aged People
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 Title & Authors
The Relations of the Life Style and Housing Selection Attributes of the Middle-aged People
Lim, Sun-Mi; Ha, Kyu-Soo;
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In this study, main focus was analyzing whether the retired middle-aged people`s life style and personal characteristics affect house selection attributes and there are any differences according to their life styles. The finding and implications of this study were as follows. The middle-aged people were trying to pursue leisurely and healthy life. Therefore, they prefer the high service quality of health, medical facilities, culture, leisure, and entertainment facilities. These trends were caused by the expansion of the five-days working styles, the improvements of the smart consumptions, the high levels of the education, and the high social and economic participations of the females. The overall changes in social, cultural, economical circumstances made them different from other generations. Also current middle-aged people were more challenging and active and they thought themselves young compared with the people of the older generation. In the future those middle-aged people`s life style will be more diversified. Therefore new housing plans are necessary for the middle-aged popple to satisfy their diverse housing needs and housing circumstances. Based on the results of this study for the middle-aged people`s life style and housing selection attributes after their retirement, more studies are necessary in new and different views. Furthermore diverse house supplies, housing marketing, housing policies should be provided for the middle-aged people for their retirement and need to study more their future housing satisfaction and their housing needs.
The Middle-aged;House selection;Life style;Retired;
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