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The effect of the Psychological characteristics of parents of children on the childcare stress of the mother
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 Title & Authors
The effect of the Psychological characteristics of parents of children on the childcare stress of the mother
Choi, Hang-Joon; Cho, Su-Kyoung;
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The purpose of this study is to find out how a parents` mental characteristics with preschool children(self-esteem, self-efficacy, depression) has effect on a mother`s parenting stress by the medium of a father`s parenting stress. The fourth year data of The Korean Children Panel of the KICCE(2011) was used, and the collected data was fathers and mothers with 1,754 children who are more than 35 months but not more than 42 months. For data analysis, analysis of frequency and correlation analysis were carried out using SPSS 18.0, and they were analysed with Structural Model to observe the relationship of each variable and influence, and it was found that the goodness of fit of the model was outstanding. As a result, the psychological traits of fathers impact directly on mothers` parenting stress. Mothers` psychological features increased mothers` parenting stress by a medium of fathers` parenting stress. The study showed that fathers` parenting stress that is a mediator variable performed a role as a mediator variable.
Parents self-esteem;Parents self-efficacy;Parents Depression;Father`s parenting stress;Mother`s parenting stress;
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아버지 양육참여와 사회적 지지가 영아기 어머니의 양육스트레스에 미치는 영향: 어머니 심리특성의 매개효과,김상림;박창현;

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영아기 부모 양육스트레스에 대한 양육효능감의 자기효과와 상대방 효과에 대한 단기종단연구,김민정;이방실;정미라;

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