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The Analysis of Cordycepin and Alcohol Content in accordance with The Various Manufacturing Process of The Liqueur Containing The Cordyceps Extract
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 Title & Authors
The Analysis of Cordycepin and Alcohol Content in accordance with The Various Manufacturing Process of The Liqueur Containing The Cordyceps Extract
Choi, Seon-Hyo; Kwon, Sang-Chul;
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We manufactured a liqueur containing Cordyceps extract. 21 kinds of the liqueur were manufactured and analyzed the cordycepin content, cordycepin stability and alcohol content. Cordycepin content was detected up to in DL-3(adding Cordyceps militaris and leached for 3 months). Results of Alcohol content analysis, Methanol was not detected in all samples. Ethanol contents showed at 31.4% from the Leaching process for 3 months after distillation, and at 17.2% from the rice wine adding Cordyceps militaris 8 g. In the results of the Cordycepin content stability analysis, the Cordycepin content decreased during storage period little by little, so our considered opinion is that the cordycepin content should be increased slightly when producing as products.
Cordycepin;Cordyceps militaris;Ethanol;Liqueur;Methanol;
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