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The study of Influences of Physical Environment of Choir Performance Services on Quality of Interaction, Quality of Outcome and Behavioral Intention
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 Title & Authors
The study of Influences of Physical Environment of Choir Performance Services on Quality of Interaction, Quality of Outcome and Behavioral Intention
Koo, Eun-ja; Ku, Yeong-ae; Choi, Sung-Hwan;
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A cultural and art performance is a domain of the service from which consumers want to get a value through the experience, and a comprehensive study of the service quality the consumers judge to be important is necessary. Also, there are active studies of service quality in various service industries and fields, but there are not many studies related to service quality in the performance business. In the performance industry, the service quality of the theater has a great influence in order to express the distinct theme, and yet, there has been no study of the influences of the choice factors of performing arts, the quality of the physical environment, in other words, the quality of interaction and the quality of the outcome of their selection of a performance of each type of use by the audience of performing arts. Thus, this study aims to understand the quality of physical environment considered by the audience of a choir performance in the selection of the performance according to the type of use of the choir performance and analyze the influences of these factors on the quality of interaction, the quality of outcome and behavioral intention to provide suggestions for the establishment of marketing strategies in the future.
Physical environment of choir performance service;Quality of interaction;Quality of outcome;Behavioral intention;
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