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A study on the needs for the cool motorcycle helmet and the factors affecting the purchasing intention
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 Title & Authors
A study on the needs for the cool motorcycle helmet and the factors affecting the purchasing intention
Seong, Deokhyun; Kim, Jongsoo;
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This study is to investigate the needs for the cool motorcycle helmet and the factors affecting the purchasing intention of cool helmet. The convenient sampling from motorcycle clubs were conducted during 5/20/2014~5/28/2014 on Google DAX. As a result, 197 participants were surveyed. The main reasons of sensing unpleasant feeling wearing helmet were identified as `hot and uncomfortable feeling` and `it ruins hair style`. The mean score expressed in terms of five point scale showed that the needs for cool helmet was 3.9 and the purchasing intention of cool helmet was 3.6, respectively. The significant factors influencing the purchasing intention of cool helmet were identified as `the needs for cool helmet` (odds ratio
Cool helmet;Logistic regression;Motorcycle helmet;Needs for cool helmet;Purchasing intention of cool helmet;
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