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The Effects of Weight Reduction Programme for Obese Primary School Students on Serum Lipid Level
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The Effects of Weight Reduction Programme for Obese Primary School Students on Serum Lipid Level
Jung, Mi-Hee; Han, Sang-Sook; Lim, So-Hee;
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This study was designed to examine the effects of weight reduction programme(WRP) for obese primary school students on serum lipid level. This research used non-equivalent control group non-synchronized design that was conducted on two groups comprising 5th and 6th graders: an experimental group that received 12-week long WRP that combines diet, exercise and behavior modification therapy and the control group that did only rope-jumping. The collected data were analysed using -test, t-test, ANOVA, Pairwise Comparsons by SPSS 18.0 Programme. It was proven that the WRP of this study was effective in lowering the total cholesterol(F
Obesity;Cholesterol;Triglyceride;Weight Reduction Programs;
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초등학교 비만아동을 위한 26주-비만관리프로그램이 비만지수와 자아존중감, 자기효능, 및 신체상에 미치는 효과에 미치는 효과,이진희;오상은;

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