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A Study on the Life Satisfaction of Migration Women on International Marriage
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Life Satisfaction of Migration Women on International Marriage
Woo, Young-Hee; Ha, Kyu-Soo;
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The purpose of this study was to examine the life satisfaction of marriage immigrant women in an effort to provide some information on how to offer social support for marriage immigrant women to lead a more satisfaction life. The overall life satisfaction level of the marriage immigrant women was above the average(a mean of 3.40). By age, the women whose husbands were younger were more satisfied. The higher the husband`s education, religion appeared higher in cases where the wife is religion, the women who resided in our country for less than five years expressed more life satisfaction. The husband was found in the case of highly professional and white-collar job, the higher the monthly income of the household and when they resided in their own houses. In this context, integrated in terms of international community members to migrant women requires systematic support policies moves forward to global countries.
International Marriage;Life Satisfaction;Migration Women;The Determinants of Life Satisfaction;
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