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Usability Evaluation Criteria of Software GUI on Weapon System
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 Title & Authors
Usability Evaluation Criteria of Software GUI on Weapon System
Kim, Du-Jeong; Lee, Hye-Won; Jung, Joo-Hyun; Yong, Hwa-young;
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With the technology of our time growing sophisticated everyday, softwares advance rapidly in accordance. Reflecting this trend, researches on Usability of S/W GUI(Graphical User Interface) is actively taking place. However, despite the active researches on such topic, Usability study of S/W GUI for weapon system remains insufficient. For such reason, this paper intends to focus on drawing evaluation factors as well as priority of design factors for Usability of S/W GUI for weapon system. For an accurate and reliable result, Usability evaluation attributes & design factors were assessed by professionals. Moreover, by incorporating AHP(Analytical Hierarchy Process) and Matrix analysis, each evaluation attributes` level of importance and relation between design factors & usability attributes were assessed to draw final design priority. As a result, the importance of Informativity, Accessibility, and Visibility were derived as 0.127, 0.121, 0.108, and selected to be the foremost priority for evaluating. This research could be utilized as foundation for usability evaluation of S/W GUI on weapon system.
Weapon system;Software;Usability;GUI;
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