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Effects of Aquarobics on Metabolic Syndrome and Health Fitness in Abdominally Obese Elderly Women
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Aquarobics on Metabolic Syndrome and Health Fitness in Abdominally Obese Elderly Women
Park, Young-Ah; Kim, Dong-Hee;
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a 12-weeks aquarobics on metabolic syndrome risk factors and health fitness in 25 abdominally obese elderly women. As the results, while waist circumference(87.40/82.76cm, p<.01) decreased, HDL-C(41.13/45.42mg/dl, p<.05) increased after the exercise program. Blood pressure and TG, however, decreased with no significance. And while muscle strength increased(17.06/19.08kg, p<.05), the increase in flexibility, muscle endurance, and cardiopulmonary endurance and the decrease in body fat showed some positive effects of the exercise program. In conclusion, we found that the aquarobics improves the aging-induced deterioration in the muscular skeletal function by lowering abdominal obesity and improving metabolic syndrome and physical fitness for health. In addition, the aquarobics can be an effective alternative to an aerobics or a resistance exercise on the ground.
abdominal obesity;aquarobics exercise;elderly women;health fitness;metabolic syndrome;
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대사증후군 구성요인의 군집별 변화 양상,김영란;천해경;이태용;

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