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An Empirical Analysis on the Effects of FDI to the Economic Growth - Based on the Service Industry in China
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 Title & Authors
An Empirical Analysis on the Effects of FDI to the Economic Growth - Based on the Service Industry in China
Lee, Sung-Joon; Ning, Cui-Ying;
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This study is to analyze the effects of the FDI inflows service industry on China`s economic growth using panel data from China`s service industry for the period 1990-2012. The results of this study show that the FDI inflows into service industry in China is behind a key driving force to develop its economic growth, and that other factors like investment in the fixed assets and investment in human capital and labor make contribution to promoting its economic development. The results suggest that in order to enhance its growth, the government should expend a great deal of effort trying to make a good environment for investment to increase the FDI inflows into China`s service industry.
Economic Growth;Effects of FDI;Service Industry in China;Inflows of FDI;
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