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Study about PR-VEP Characteristics on Perception Function and Judgement Function of MBTI
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 Title & Authors
Study about PR-VEP Characteristics on Perception Function and Judgement Function of MBTI
Seol, Jee-Yong; Park, Pyong-Woon;
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The purpose of this study is to investigate PR-VEP characteristics on the perception function(S/N) and the judgement function(T/F) of MBTI. The 136 study participants, over 20 years old adults, were examined by PR-VEP and MBTI test for two months in July and August in 2013. PR-VEP was conducted in O1 and O2 by 32 channels EEG system and MBTI test was measured by Form-M online. We found that the time interval(Duration) between N75 and P100 of PR-VEP was 5.49 ms significantly shorter in the group preferring S indicator. And the latency until N75 was 4.83 ms significantly shorter in O1 and 4.27 ms shorter in O2 in the group preferring F indicator. According to these, the characteristics of groups preferring S and F indicator have influence on visual cognitive function, which is meaningful that the interpretation of brain-science can be used with recognition/judgement function of MBTI.
MBTI;Pattern Reversal Visual Evoked Potential;Visual Evoked Potential;
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