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Inducing stress-strain relationship for element simulation of cyclic triaxial test on unsaturated soil
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 Title & Authors
Inducing stress-strain relationship for element simulation of cyclic triaxial test on unsaturated soil
Lee, Chung-Won;
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In the unsaturated soil, suction, the negative pore water pressure leads to increases of the yield stress and the plastic shear stiffness of the soil skeleton due to the growth in interparticle stress. Therefore, in this study, the stress-strain relationship based on cyclic elasto-plastic constitutive model extended for unsaturated soil considering the 1st and the 2nd yield functions was induced in order to account for these effects of suction under the dynamic loading condition such as the earthquake. Through the program code considering this relationship and the routine of the cyclic loading with the reversion of loading direction, the numerical simulation of the cyclic triaxial test under the unsaturated condition would be possible. It is expected that the results of this study possibly contribute to the accuracy improvement on the prediction of unsaturated soil behavior under the dynamic loading condition.
Cyclic elasto-plastic constitutive model;Dynamic loading;Element simulation;Stress-strain relationship;Suction;
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요소 시뮬레이션에 의한 불포화토의 반복삼축거동 재현,이충원;

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