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Influence of Job Stress, Coping Strategies on life satisfaction in long-term care workers -focused in Gyeonggi-do-
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Influence of Job Stress, Coping Strategies on life satisfaction in long-term care workers -focused in Gyeonggi-do-
Hwang, Hyemin; Kim, Juok;
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The purpose of the study was to explore job stress, coping strategies and life satisfaction, and to identify related factors in long-term care workers. A cross-sectional study was used to study 111 long-term care workers in Gyeonggi-do. Questionnaires were given to the workers, and data were collected between 1 February and 30 March 2015. The data were analyzed using a stress scale, and a life-satisfaction index. The major findings were: 1) The type of facility was a significant factor in life satisfaction of long-term care workers (F
long-term care workers;job stress;coping strategies;life satisfaction;
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임상실습 스트레스와 실습 만족도의 관계에 미치는 적극적 스트레스 대처의 매개효과,이선영;전선영;김윤영;

보건의료산업학회지, 2016. vol.10. 2, pp.193-204 crossref(new window)
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