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Comparison of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Between Korea Elders and New Zealand Elders
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Between Korea Elders and New Zealand Elders
Kim, Gyung-Duck; Kim, Kyung-Hae;
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This study was done to identify differences in depression, anxiety, and stress in Korea elders (n
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국민건강영양조사 제 5기(2010-2012)를 활용한 한국의 19세 이상 성인의 식습관에 따른 정신건강상태,박효은;배연희;

한국산학기술학회논문지, 2016. vol.17. 10, pp.168-181 crossref(new window)
Statistics Korea. (accessed March, 1, 2011)


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