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A Study on the Seoul Apartment Jeonse Price after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 in the Frame of Vecter Auto Regressive Model(VAR)
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Seoul Apartment Jeonse Price after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 in the Frame of Vecter Auto Regressive Model(VAR)
Kim, Hyun-woo; Lee, Du-Heon;
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This study analyses the effects of household finances on rental price of apartment in Seoul which play a major role in real estate policy. We estimate VAR models using time series data. Economy variables such as sales price of apartment in Seoul, consumer price index, hiring rate, real GNI and loan amount of housing mortgage, which relate to household finances and influence the rental price of apartment, are used for estimation. The main findings are as follows. In the short term, the rental price of apartment is impacted by economy variables. Specifically, Relative contributions of variation in rental price of apartment through structural shock of economy variables are most influenced by their own. However, in the long term, household variables are more influential to the rental price of apartment. These results are expected to contribute to establish housing price stabilization policies through understanding the relationship between economy variables and rental price of apartment.
Housing Market;House Jeonse Price;Apartment Price in Seoul;Vector Auto Regressive;Granger Causality;
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