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Topic Model Analysis of Research Trend on Renewable Energy
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 Title & Authors
Topic Model Analysis of Research Trend on Renewable Energy
Shin, KyuSik; Choi, HoeRyeon; Lee, HongChul;
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To respond the climate change and environmental pollution, the studies on renewable energy policies are increasing. The renewable energy is a new growth engine technology represented by the green industry and green technology. At present, the investments for the renewable energy supply and technology development projects of three main strategy sectors such as sunlight, wind power and hydrogen fuel cell are implemented in our country, while they are still in the early stage, accordingly reducing those uncertainty for the research direction and investment fields is the most urgent issue among others. Thus, this study applied text mining method and multinominal topic model among the big data analysis methods on our country`s newspaper articles concerning the renewable energy over the last 10 years, and then analyzed the core issues and global research trend, forecasting the renewable energy fields with the growth potential. It is predicted that these results of the study based on information and communication technology will be actively applied on the renewable energy fields.
Big Data;Multinominal topic model;News article;Renewable energy;Text analysis;
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