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The Lived Experiences of Clinical Nurses Who working at the Women`s Hospital Caring for Foreign Wives in Korea: A Narrative Study Approach
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The Lived Experiences of Clinical Nurses Who working at the Women`s Hospital Caring for Foreign Wives in Korea: A Narrative Study Approach
Yih, Bongsook;
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This study explored the experience of clinical nurses caring for foreign wives in Korea. A narrative study approach within the qualitative research paradigm was applied in this study. The data were collected using individual in-depth interviews with 10 clinical nurses who had at least 5 years working experiences caring for foreign wives and their children in the Women and Children`s clinical setting. The narrative stories of the clinical nurses were analyzed in the frame of culture-bounded nursing care. In the culture-bounded nursing care, ethnocentric viewpoints, acceptable viewpoints, and culture-based viewpoints were identified within the time frame. Significantly, the narrator identified herself as a therapeutic caregiver in the culture-based viewpoints providing tailored caregiving for foreign wives. This study requires cultural sensitivity of nurses who care for the people with different cultural backgrounds. Self-awareness would be the starting point to reach culturally competent nursing care.
Cultural Competency;Immigrant;Marriage;Qualitative Research;Transcultural Nursing;
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비영어권 외국인 입원환자를 돌보는 간호사의 경험,장혜영;이은;

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