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The Disaster Welfare and Community Response in Japan
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 Title & Authors
The Disaster Welfare and Community Response in Japan
Park, Jung-Ran;
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This study examined the trends and practices of disaster welfare in Japan, particularly with the point of view of the community response. This study summarized the experiences and implications of Japan`s disaster welfare. First, it is necessary to establish a foundation and linkage of support networks. In case of a disaster, the linkages among administrations, social work institutions, and community residents are required to understand the accurate situation and needs, and to develop resources. In particular, the constitution of DWAT was submitted for initial intervention. Second, the establishment of a manpower dispatching system is needed for emergency situations. In addition, the methods to cover the entire areas by system are needed. Third, the intervention of psychological treatment was shown have a low agreement rate among specialists. Fourth, it is necessary to have guidelines so that privacy protection is compatible with disaster support in a disaster welfare practice process.
Community Support network;Disaster Welfare;DWAT;Manpower Support system for disaster;Personal Information Protection;Psychological treatment;
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