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Characteristics of Water Gas Shift and Membrane Process for Pre-combustion CO2 Capture
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics of Water Gas Shift and Membrane Process for Pre-combustion CO2 Capture
Kim, Jeong-Nam; You, Jong-Kyun; Choi, Soo-Hyun; Baek, Il-Hyun;
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Global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions is considered as a major problem worldwide, and many countries are making great efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Many technologies in post-combustion, pre-combustion and oxy-fuel combustion capture have been developed. Among them, a hybrid pre-combustion capture system of a water gas shift (WGS) reactor and a membrane gas separation unit was investigated. The 2 stage WGS reactor integrated high temperature shift (HTS) with a low temperature shift (LTS) was used to obtain a higher CO conversion rate. A Pd/Cu dense metal membrane was used to separate from selectively. The performance of the hybrid system in terms of CO conversion and separation was evaluated using a 65% CO, 30 % and 5% gas mixture for applications to pre-combustion capture. The experiments were carried out over the range of WGS temperatures (), WGS pressures (0-20bar), Steam/Carbon (S/C) ratios (2.5-5) in a feed gas flow rate of 1 L/min. A very high CO conversion rate of 99.5% was achieved with the HTS-LTS 2 stage water gas shift reactor, and 83% was concentrated in the retentate using the Pd/Cu membrane.
CCS;;Membrane;Pre-combustion;WGS;Water gas shift;
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