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A Study on the Properties of sPEEK Electrolytic Membranes using Physical Crosslinking
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Properties of sPEEK Electrolytic Membranes using Physical Crosslinking
Oh, Sae-Joong;
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Composite membranes were prepared by the solution casting method from sulfonated poly(etheretherketone)(sPEEK) and imidazole and phosphotungstic acid(PWA) to enhance the electrolytic properties of the membrane. TGA measurements showed that physical crosslinking due to acid-base interactions improved the thermal resistance to the desulfonation of sulfonic acid groups of the composite membrane and the addition of PWA enhanced the resistance to thermal decomposition of the composite membrane. The acid-base interaction decreased the water uptake, proton conductivity and methanol permeability of the sPEEK/imidazole composite membranes. The addition of PWA increased the proton conductivities while it decreased the water uptake and methanol permeability of sPEEK/imidazole/PWA composite membranes. Therefore, the selectivity of the composite membranes was enhanced by the addition of PWA.
physical crosslinking;electrolyte;composite membrane;imidazole;sPEEK;
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