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The Types and Characteristics of the Male Nurses Perceived by Female Nurses : An Application of Q- Methodology
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 Title & Authors
The Types and Characteristics of the Male Nurses Perceived by Female Nurses : An Application of Q- Methodology
Seong, Ji-Suk; Yeom, Eun-Yi;
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The aim of this study was to identify the female nurses` perception of the types and characteristics of male nurses using Q-methodology, which can explore human subjectivity. The 35 selected Q-statements from each of 35 subjects were classified into a normal distribution using a 9 point scale. The collected data was analyzed using the PC-QUANL program. Principal Component Analysis identified 3 types of perception toward male nurses. Type 1 was classified as `development-oriented support type`, Type 2 was classified as `realistic critical type`, and Type 3 was classified as `conservative acceptance type`. The consensus of opinion in each type was `Male nurses are under stress due to the unique characteristics of a female-dominated workplace`. These results will contribute to the perception improvement of female nurses toward male nurses by developing arbitration programs based on the three types.
Male Nurses;Q-methodology;
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남자간호사의 성역할 갈등, 간호전문직관이 이직의도에 미치는 영향,염은이;서금숙;

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AIDS인식 유형에 대한 연구 : Q방법론 적용을 중심으로,안이수;

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