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Effects of Carbenoxolone and P2X recepter antagonist combined therapy on oral neuropathic pain in rat
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Carbenoxolone and P2X recepter antagonist combined therapy on oral neuropathic pain in rat
Ku, In-Young; Moon, Seon-Jeong; Ka, Kyung-Hwan; Park, Min-Kyoung;
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The study was conducted to confirm the analgesic effects of the Carbenoxolone(CBX)and P2X receptor antagonist(iso-PPADS), which separates the gap junction in the facial neuropathic pain model. The experiment used white male Sprague-Dawley rats (240~280g). The second left molars on the lower jaw was extracted to induce facial neuropathic pain, and small dental implants were implanted to induce damage to the inferior alveolar nerve. When CBX was injected twice daily to the abdominal cavity, a significant analgesic effect at 5ug/kg was observed(p<0.05). In addition, when iso-PPADS was injected twice daily into the abdominal cavity, a significant analgesic reaction was observed at (p<0.05). When the two drugs were injected together at a low concentration, in which they did not display an effect, they displayed a significant analgesic reaction at CBX 1ug/kg and iso-PPADS 2.5ug/kg(p<0.05). When a gap injunction block using a low concentration of CBX and a low concentration P2X receptor antagonist was injected together, the pain suppressing effect was observed against the orofacial neuropathic pain mechanism. These results make it possible to determine that the gap junction block using CBX and the injection of the P2X receptor antagonist plays an important role in the pain management of the facial region.
Gap junction;Carbenoxolone;P2x recepter antagonist;
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최적의 luminescence 신호 분석을 위한 유전자 전달 방법의 비교연구,박서현;이승호;

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