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Effect of Nurses` Mentoring Function and Organizational Citizen Behavior on Nursing Performance
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Nurses` Mentoring Function and Organizational Citizen Behavior on Nursing Performance
Park, Kyung-Hee; Han, Jeong Won;
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This study was conducted to identify the factors that affect the nursing performance. These factors are general characteristics, mentoring function and organizational citizenship behavior. A survey was conducted on 163 nurses working for general hospitals in South Korea from December 2 - 30, 2015. The data was analyzed using the SPSS WIN 21.0 program to analyze the descriptive statistics, independent T-test, ANOVA, Scheffe test, Pearson`s correlation, and multiple regression. The factors affecting the subject`s nursing performance were altruism (${\beta}
Mentoring functions;organizational citizenship behaviors;nursing performance;
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