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Organizational capability, competitive strategy and firm performance in venture businesses
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 Title & Authors
Organizational capability, competitive strategy and firm performance in venture businesses
Park, Kyoungmi; Hwang, Jaewon;
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The effective exploitation of resources is critical for startup firms with insufficient resources to compete with well-resourced large firms. The direction and consistency of the resource input should be retained to utilize resources effectively, which will lead to a necessity for a fit between the strength in resources and the strategy of a firm. This study suggests hypotheses and verifies them empirically based on the logic that the attribute of resources in which a firm with a core competence decides the type of strategy and the formulated strategy presents the direction of the resource input, which enables the effective utilization of resources and facilitates high performance. According to the statistical results, the R&D capability affects the innovative differentiation strategy, marketing capability affects marketing differentiation strategy, and financial and production capability affects low cost strategy, in which the efficacy of the strategy depends on the attribute of resources. In addition, the R&D capability and marketing capability adversely affect the low cost strategy and the production capability negatively affects the innovative differentiation strategy, which implies that the exclusive choice of a strategy by the strength in resources results in improved performance. These results show that the fit between the resource and strategy is an essential cause of high performance in venture businesses.
venture business;resource;strategy;organizational capability;
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