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Assessment of Elderly`s Isokinetic Muscle Function, Flexibility and Balance in a Region of Seoul
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 Title & Authors
Assessment of Elderly`s Isokinetic Muscle Function, Flexibility and Balance in a Region of Seoul
Kim, Suk-Won; Sohn, Jee-Hoon;
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The aim of the present study was to compare the strength, balance, and flexibility across two age groups (older adults vs. young adults). The isokinetic muscle function, ankle ROM, trunk forward flexibility, stability, and antropometric data for the elderly and 46 university students were collected. The results indicated that male older adults possessed relatively low flexibility (2.97cm) among the groups and showed better stability in the right foot than in the left foot and of plantar flexion ROM, which was not in the normal range. Their peak strength at the knee joint was below 50% of their counterpart. They revealed a hamstring deficit of 18.55%, ankle eversion deficit of 23.08%, and ankle inversion deficit of 19.19%. The results indicated that female older adults possessed comparable flexibility compared to female young adults. The reciprocal muscle strength ratio of both knees was under 50%, and the deficit was 14.32% (extension) and 19.73% (flexion). The ankle plantar flexion peak torque was approximately 62% (left) and 73% (right) of WS`s. The ankle dorsi flexion deficit was 25.05% and the plantar flexion was 26.86%. The eversion deficit was 19.97% and the inversion was 21.09%. These results will be significant in establishing an elderly fitness enhancement program and policy.
Balance;Elderly;Isokinetic muscle assessment;Muscle imbalance;ROM;
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