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A Study on the Effects of Preparation for the Old Aged on the satisfaction of the life
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Effects of Preparation for the Old Aged on the satisfaction of the life
Jin, Ju-Young; Ha, Kyu-Soo;
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This study examined the effect factors for the preparations for the old age on the current satisfaction of life of the middle-aged. A survey of middle aged people living in Seoul and metropolitan areas was conducted. The data from 442 subjects were collected from 450 questionnaires excluding 8 incomplete datasets and analyzed. The results were as follows. First, the emotional and economical preparations for the old age had influences on the emotional satisfaction positively. Second, the educational background, jobs for technician/working, emotional and physical preparations for old age had a positive effect on the physical satisfaction. Third, the household income, emotional and economical preparation for the old age had a positive influence on the economical satisfaction. Fourth, sex, emotional preparations for old age had a positive effect on the social relation satisfaction. The research results suggested that the preparations for the old age should be arranged from the middle-aged years because it is difficult to improve the satisfaction of life for old age in the elderly.
Economical preparations;Emotional preparations;Middle-aged;Physical preparations;Satisfaction of life;
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