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Male nursing students` Practicum Experiences on Delivery Room
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 Title & Authors
Male nursing students` Practicum Experiences on Delivery Room
Kim, Kyoung-Ah; Won, Mi-Hwa; Shin, Sun-Hwa; Go, Gee-Youn; Choi, Junkyoung;
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The special education setting in nursing practicum is required for male nursing students to become professional registered nurses. Therefore, this study identifies how male nursing students find and recognize the meaning of the practicum in a delivery room. Eight male nursing students were selected randomly in junior and senior grade. They had finished delivery room practicum within a month and were interviewed from Jul. 20th, 2012 to Dec. 28th, 2012 until the narrative data were fully saturated. The phenomenological method of Colaizzi was used. Thirty themes, nine theme clusters, and three categories were identified. The three categories were frightened in the `female privacy first` environment, sexual inequality for male students, and only one observation chance of the delivery process. From this study, male students did their best against the gender role and female-only field. A strategy to improve the image of professional nursing is required to enlighten the social conventions regarding the gender role. In addition, multilateral efforts are expected to eliminate the gender discrimination in the nursing education system to establish the correct role of professional registered nurses.
Delivery Room;Experience;Male;Nursing Students;Practicum;
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