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Relationship between Tourism Interpretation Quality and Tourist Satisfaction in Ecotourism
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 Title & Authors
Relationship between Tourism Interpretation Quality and Tourist Satisfaction in Ecotourism
Chun, Joo-Hyung; Lim, Yeon-Woo;
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This study examined the relationship among Interpreter`s Role, Interpretation System, Interpretation Quality, and Tourist Satisfaction in ecotourism. As a results of the analysis, the following findings were obtained. First, the Interpreter`s Role affects the Interpretation Quality, but does not affect the Tourist Satisfaction in ecotourism. Second, the Interpretation System affects Interpretation Quality and Tourist Satisfaction. Third, Interpretation Quality influences the Tourist Satisfaction. Finally, the Interpretation Quality plays a mediated effect between relationship Interpreter`s Role, Interpretation System and Tourist Satisfaction. Nevertheless, the key to success in ecotourism is how to explain the interpretation to the tourist
Ecotourism;Interpreter`s Role;Interpretation Quality;Interpretation System;Satisfaction;
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