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The Effect of 12-weeks Aquatic Exercise on Dynamic Balance and Pain Factors in Elderly Osteoarthritis Patients
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 Title & Authors
The Effect of 12-weeks Aquatic Exercise on Dynamic Balance and Pain Factors in Elderly Osteoarthritis Patients
Im, Sun-Young; Eo, Su-Ju; Kim, Song-June; Hur, Sung-Hoon; An, Kyung-Jun; Lee, Jang-Kyu; Lee, Jong-Sam;
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This study evaluated the dynamic balance and pain after 12 weeks aquatic exercise in old osteoarthritis patients. The dynamic balances were assessed using 2 different experimental conditions (Open Eye Condition; OEC, Closed Eye Condition; CEC). Twenty-two subjects were assigned one of the two experimental groups: arthritis group (ART, age
Aquatic Exercise;Dynamic Balance;Osteoarthritis;Pain;
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