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An effect of the internal marketing policies of financial institutions on the job satisfaction and customer orientation of employees
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 Title & Authors
An effect of the internal marketing policies of financial institutions on the job satisfaction and customer orientation of employees
Kim, Jung-keun; Ha, Kyu-Soo;
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This study examined the effect of the internal marketing policies of financial institutions on the job satisfaction and customer orientation of employees. Many studies have examined internal marketing policies. On the other hand, these studies focused the employees in the service industries (e.g. travel agencies, airlines and hotel, etc.) With the drastic change in financial institutions in recent years, financial institutions are conscious of the importance of customer service and have increased their efforts to manage and train their employees (e.g. expansion of empowerment, education and training, management support, and compensation system). The authors conducted an empirical analysis based on the assumption that these internal policies are effective in increasing the job satisfaction of employees and further influence the customer orientation. The results showed that `empowerment, management support and compensation system` of internal marketing policies have meaningful effects on job satisfaction, whereas the education and training does not. In addition, job satisfaction has a meaningful effect on the customer orientation and on a mediating effect between internal marketing policies and customer orientation. These results indicate that the internal marketing policies of financial institutions can help improve job satisfaction and customer orientation.
internal marketing;empowerment;education and training;management support;compensation system;job satisfaction;customer orientation;
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