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An Implementation of Auto Attendance Management System based on App using NFC Technique
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 Title & Authors
An Implementation of Auto Attendance Management System based on App using NFC Technique
Kim, Bong-Gi;
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Owing to the recent increased interest in wireless communication technology and rapid technology development, a range of applied technologies utilizing them are being released. In addition, at school, by adopting an attendance management system using wireless communication technology, attempts to solve problems caused by attendance books are being made. Representative attendance management systems include those using RFID, Bluetooth and clicker. Although these systems have solved the problem of wasting paper and time due to calling and writing attendance, they have other problems of generating additional expenses of purchasing or renting more equipment. To solve all of these problems, this paper suggests prototype system that can manage attendance by using NFC (Near Field Communication), which most smartphones provide. The attendance management system using NFC consists of two applications; one for professors and the other for students. The system solves problems, such as proxy attendance, loss of lesson time and additional cost by automatically managing attendance information using NFC and TCP/IP technologies.
Attendance Management;Cliker;NFC;RFID;TCP/IP;
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