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A Study on IADL, Stress and Motivation on Healthy Lifestyle among Elderly People with Arthritis
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 Title & Authors
A Study on IADL, Stress and Motivation on Healthy Lifestyle among Elderly People with Arthritis
Kim, Jong Gun; Moon, Kyeung Hee; Lim, Eun Sun; Yoo, Jang Hak;
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The aim of this study was to identify stress, motivation for a the healthy lifestyle and IADL of the elderly with arthritis. This study examined 117 elderly person over the age of 65 years living in S city. The data were analyzed using an independent t-test, Pearson correlation coefficients, and stepwise multiple regression with the SPSS Win 12.0 Program. Significant negative correlations were observed between stress and IADL, significant positive correlations between motivation on healthy lifestyle and IADL. The predictors on IADL were the physical area of stress (${\beta}
Elderly people with arthritis;IADL;Motivation on healthy lifestyle;Stress;
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