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Factors Influencing the Death Anxiety of the Elderly Living Alone
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Factors Influencing the Death Anxiety of the Elderly Living Alone
Kwon, Young-Eun; Kim, Seon-Young;
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The aim of this study was to identity the death anxiety of elderly people living alone, and the factors that affect their death anxiety. The subjects did not have an impaired cognitive function, and were from one Chungcheongnamdo 2 district in the elderly University. The subjects were 187 elderly people over the age of 65 living alone in the district. The character, communication, and data was collected from February, 2014 to 2 May, 2015 and analyzed using the SPSS 18 program. The death anxiety whole point of elderly people living alone was 2.94 (); it was 3.06 () points according to the sub-region `death process anxiety`, 2.88 () points according to `after-death anxiety`, and 2.75 () points according to `presence loss anxiety`. The factors affecting the death anxiety were economic status, depression, and spiritual wellbeing. Economic status (${\beta}
Death Anxiety;Depression;Elderly Living Alone;Quality of Life;Spiritual Wellbeing;
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노인 손상환자의 손상외인과 지역안전등급 간 관계에 관한 탐색적 연구,이정욱;

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재무비율을 이용한 60세 이상 1인가구의 가계재무상태 분석,윤강인;

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